Ordering by mail       Terms & Conditions

A) We require a level picture of the RV, a level side shot, not an angle picture.

(928) 273 3723

B) We create decals, custom so there's no need for the model number.

C) Please leave your phone number on your emails, so we can contact you if necessary.

We only respond to phone numbers, please call first. Thanks.

D) We also need a measurement of just one of the decals. 

E) Orders over 250. are insured.

F) We need at least a week to 10 days to get most custom orders in the mail.

G) When package arrives, to you, you We allow 7 days for you to inspect it, to make sure it's all there.If a decal is missing, or if something is damaged, please notify us right away.

We give a grace period of 30 days, concerning the decals being an accurate fit .

I) We guarantee that the decal will be about 99% accurate to fit, based on the information you provided. We don't claim the new decals will cover every molecule, of the old image marks. We are usually in the 99- 100% range. ( Decal tips, are commonly off by a couple of inches)

Metallic vinyl can last years, or months, we are not responsible for its longevity.

We also assume no responsibility for vinyl life , because how it's treated, has much to say about this. Hot sun, and wax, and strong petroleum chemicals determine this.

We do give you full disclosure of the brand name and it's outdoor rating.

Decals are made bigger than originals. Usually one third an inch around the edges.

We do the best we can. If we make a mistake, based on your information, then your responsible. If we make an obviously wrong decal, that's truly unworkable, then we owe you another one that will be satisfactory.

Color shades are hard to match up from a distance, so please use our color chart.

All custom orders, that are correctly fabricated, according to your information provided are non returnable.

Thanks, please call (928) 273-3723 if you have any more questions.


All we need is a straight on picture. This picture was emailed to us. We can accurately trace the old worn decals, even if the picture is bad.we can renew the correct shape.